Hey! My name is Sam. I'm assuming you've read my Linkedin or resume before getting here, so this is going to be a bit more personal about page. I'm a Systems Administrator based in Houston, Texas and I genuinely love learning, designing and just creating things in general.

I have an eccentric personality, so I prefer to think out side the box in terms of design and projects to get what the client needs. I want to understand who I am working for and try to exeed their expectations with zeal and an up-beat atittude.

I have been a graphic designer since attending University of Houston for a minor in Graphic design, but I started combining my graphic design skills with HTML, CSS andJavascript, about 2 years ago.

I'm currently working on a few passion projects, maintianing local artists websites/portfolios, directing my local choir, and finding tools that help me become a better front end developer!

You can reach me at slnorris345@gmail.com or find me below!